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“I successfully had my VSG (Gastric Sleeve) done by Dr. Adeyeri. I was referred by my co-worker who also had his done by Dr. Adeyeri. After a few months of entertaining the idea of VSG, I scheduled my consultation. Dr. Adeyeri was and has consistently been very pleasant, passionate about what he does, a wealth of knowledge, and prioritized my well-being.

The thought of surgery, anesthesia, and recovery was scary, but Dr. Adeyeri and Natasha (his admin) have been transparent and supportive along the way. Not once have I ever felt like a disposable patient, they have been accessible and cheering me on since day 1. I had the option of going to another provider that was in network for my insurance, but chose to go with Dr. Adeyeri because:

1. I felt safe
2. He makes sure you know what you’re signing up for
3. He does not balance bill
4. He follows along your journey for life!

Lastly, VSG is not a fix-all. You have to put in the effort to follow all the guidelines Dr. Adeyeri and his dietitian  because I promise it is 100000% worth it and you want Dr. Adeyeri and his team behind you!”

Michelle Staton (Facebook Review)

We’re often asked what motivates people to pursue surgical weight loss. Most of the time, they answer ‘yes’ to one or more of these quality of life questions:

  1. Has chronic stress caused you to gain or regain weight?
  2. Has excess weight diminished your quality of life?
  3. Do you have diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea or chronic joint pain?
  4. Is your weight causing you to skip social events?
  5. Are you lacking the confidence to pursue a better job or advance your education?


Personalized Weight Loss Surgery Solutions

If these questions resonate with you, call us to schedule a consultation to discuss your weight challenges and future goals in more detail.


With Sterling Surgicare, you are no longer fighting the obesity battle alone — our team will be with you, from pre-op to goal weight and long-term weight loss maintenance.


Dr. Adeyeri is the Medical Director at Sterling Surgicare and Central Jersey Bariatrics. At Hackensack Meridian Health, he is also the Medical Director of the Institute for Weight Loss – Old Bridge Medical Center, located in Middlesex County. The Bariatric Program at OBMC has been accredited and re-accredited by the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program (MBSAQIP) since 2015. 

Board-certified in bariatric surgery and GI surgery, Dr. Adeyeri specializes in performing the safest and least invasive surgical weight loss solutions to combat obesity and chronic medical conditions related to excess weight.  His positive bariatric patient reviews are unrivaled. Dr. Adeyeri is an in-network provider with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (Horizon Blue) and several other private medical insurers.

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Sterling Surgicare’s Bariatric Operations 

Gastric Sleeve

Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy

Gastric sleeve is a less invasive weight loss surgery because it does not re-route the bowel or involve reconnecting of the intestines like gastric bypass. Patients can lose up to 70 percent of excess body weight a year after surgery. Proven ‘more effective’ (patients lose more weight overall at a faster rate) than the gastric band. Gastric sleeve bariatric surgery is also well suited for patients who do not want to be committed to life-long office visits required for gastric banding procedures.

Fanny Loses 80 Pounds and Puts Type 2 Diabetes & Hypertension into Remission after Gastric Sleeve 

Football Player Overcomes Sleep Apnea After Gastric Bypass


Gastric Bypass

Gastric Bypass

A large portion of the stomach is closed off. This leaves a small pouch to hold food, restricting the amount that can be eaten at one time. The small intestine is cut below the duodenum and reattached to the new stomach pouch, leaving a shortened path for food to travel through. This procedure is performed laparoscopically. Most patients are able to leave the hospital two days after surgery and are able to resume normal activities by the time they come home.

Daisy returns to Dr. Adeyeri for gastric bypass after he performs successful colon cancer surgery

Kaylee checks in five years after her gastric bypass


Duodenal Switch (DS)

Duodenal Switch (DS)

Duodenal switch surgery combines the qualities of the gastric sleeve and gastric bypass. The operation is performed in two steps: First, a sleeve gastrectomy is performed, removing about 80 percent of the stomach and converting the remainder into a slender tube (sleeve). Secondly, the small bowel is divided, which normally connects to the stomach, to create the bypass. As a result, food is re-routed or ”switched” to the lower part of the small intestine, rather than into the sleeve.

The DS is a more complex weight loss surgery procedure and is only performed by bariatric surgeons who have successfully undergone specific training to perform it.

Dr. Ayotunde Adeyeri is one of the few surgeons in New Jersey who specializes in performing this newer operation, which can offer a high volume of weight loss. The DS can be a suitable option for people with a high BMI, diabetes, and those who did not achieve their weight goal after a previous bariatric procedure.

John loses 127 pounds, diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure and high BP since duodenal switch (DS) surgery.


Adjustable Gastric Banding
(Lap Band)


Adjustable Gastric Banding

An adjustable plastic and rubber band is inserted around the upper portion of the stomach to form a small gastric (stomach) pouch. An easily accessible subcutaneous (under the skin) port connects to the band, which contains a balloon-like silicone inner tube. Adjusting the band changes how quickly food leaves the new pouch. This procedure is minimally invasive, adjustable, and easily reversible. It does not involve re-routing of the intestines and therefore it involves no cutting or stapling.

Dr. Adeyeri also performs lap band removals and bariatric revision surgery (see below):


Revision Bariatric Surgery

If you have experienced poor weight loss, weight regain or complications from a previous bariatric procedure, hope is not lost. There are several safe and minimally invasive surgical options to ‘revise’ your original bariatric procedure to one that is more suitable to your weight loss goals.

Note: Only a few doctors in central New Jersey have advanced expertise to perform bariatric revision surgery. Learn more about Sterling Surgicare’s exclusive Bariatric Back on Track” program for people who have experienced weight regain after weight loss surgery.

Kimberly reignites her weight loss after bariatric revision surgery performed by Dr. Adeyeri.


Ready to Jumpstart Your Weight Loss Journey?

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