Gastric Bypass: Teresa Maintains Her Weight Loss Three Years Later

Teresa Wilson is shown with Dr. Ayotunde Adeyeri at her 3-year bariatric post-op check-up (October 2019).

Teresa took a day off work to check in with us for her annual check-up.

She has gastric bypass surgery in June 2016 and lost over 100 pounds.

Unfortunately, in 2018 she was the victim of not one–but two serious auto accidents (neither were her fault).

After requiring a year to fully recover, today she has still kept off 91 pounds and looks–well, you can see her today and before surgery.

We went right to the source and learned Teresa’s secrets to weight loss maintenance:

  • Strive for 10K steps daily (av. 7K)
  • 65 oz water daily
  • Portion sizes 4-5 oz

It is difficult to imagine Teresa nearly 100 pounds heavier.

She kindly provided us with this ‘before’ image below:

weight loss surgery success

Teresa before having gastric bypass in 2016. Still beautiful, but healthier today since weight loss surgery.

Thank you, Teajae, for inspiring us to reach and protect our goals–no matter what!

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