We Need a Drive-Thru Salad Restaurant in NJ




By Ayotunde Adeyeri, MD, FASMBS


I’ll admit it–I’m a talker. As a bariatric surgeon, I have the opportunity to get to know our patients over the course of their weight loss journeys. Sometimes we have the most interesting chats.

A few weeks ago, I talked with a gastric bypass patient, who recently reached goal weight, and we lamented that it’s nearly impossible to pick up anything healthy from a drive-thru restaurant.

Unfortunately, the healthy offerings at these restaurants offer few healthy meal choices. Since the onset of Covid-19, for example, McDonald’s decided to do away with the last of the few salads they offered and replace it with a ‘healthy’ friend chicken sandwich drenched in mayo.

No, thank you.

I realized the other day that their tasty little yogurt parfait is also off the menu.

I don’t even want to ponder what has replaced that menu item.

Wendy’s has a selection of 4-5 salads offerings, but check the calorie count of each offering, use only a splash of the dressing included, and possibly eat just half of this large portion.

My patient and I brainstormed about new drive-thru salad restaurant that he kindly (or humorously) named after me ?.

Our healthy drive-thru restaurant concept

1) Choose your greens.

2) Choose your toppings.

3) Pick a protein.

4) Choose a dressing.

5) “Pull up to the first window and pay, please.”

My career path is pretty much set at this point, so anyone reading this is welcome to take this idea and run with it.

When you open your first restaurant, I’ll be the first one in line.