Adrianne Checks-In Five Years After VSG Bariatric Surgery

The mark of a successful bariatric program is reliant upon expertise and experience of the bariatric surgeon, but also extends to providing patients with all the tools necessary to not just lose the weight, but maintain the weight loss for the long-term.

Over the course of this year, we will profile some of our Sterling Surgicare patients who had VSG (vertical sleeve gastrectomy), gastric bypass, gastric banding (lap band) weight loss surgery more than three years ago.

We’ll ask them to share their personal tips and tools that helped them stay on track–even when the scale moved upward a few pounds.

Adrianne Massaro had VSG weight loss surgery more than five years ago

“My name is Adrianne Massaro and I had the sleeve gastrectomy (gastric sleeve or VSG ) bariatric surgery performed by Dr. Adeyeri in December 2011.

At the time, I weighed 250 pounds.

Now 5 1/2 years later I have maintained my weight loss of 110 pounds. I never take a single day for granted. By no means do I eat 1000 calories a day, however, this experience has taught me a lot about portion control.

That is the secret to my success.

I still enjoy the foods I love, but in moderation.

Bariatrics surgery is not a “quick fix.”  It is a lifestyle change and has to be worked at for the rest of your life. This was by far the best decision I ever made. I have never, ever felt so amazing. I live each day for my son.

 I plan on being around for a long time and this surgery has made that possible.”

Have traditional diets and exercise programs failed for you?

If so, a bariatric weight loss solution might be the jump-start you need to lose a large amount of weight quickly and safely, under the care and supervision of an experienced medical weight loss team.

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