Six Easy Ways to Overcome the End-of-Summer Blues

By Ayotunde Adeyeri, MD, FASMBS

Here in New Jersey, summer living is a joy—we have beaches, boating, parks, trails, mountains—you name it. The days are long and our lifestyles are a little more laid back.

And then, it’s over.

Regardless of whether or not you’re preparing for the back-to-school frenzy, a change of seasons is often a little disconcerting.

If you are still acclimating to a post-op bariatric program, you can feel overwhelmed or even a little down about the end of the summer.

Always reach out to your Sterling Surgicare team if you are struggling.

If you’re feeling a little blue because summer is nearly over, our bariatric navigators, dietitians and clinicians have come up with some ideas to help you look forward to new experiences on the road ahead:

1.    Don’t stop eating all those brightly-colored fruit and vegetables just because the farmer’s market is closed. Discover new places that offer these antioxidant-rich foods that lift your mood, motivate you and taste delicious.

2.    Take advantage of the darker nights and get out for a night of dancing, nighttime walks on the boardwalk or see a movie in one of the fancy new theaters with reclining seats or meal service.

3.    Plan your next vacation now and save money for booking early. Daydream about how great you’re going to look and plan a shopping trip to buy clothing in a smaller size!

4.    Get ready for the holidays. Whether you deck every hall or have a more low-key holiday, envision the holidays 2019 now and plan accordingly.

5.    Spruce things up at home. Since you’ll be inside more often, paint a room, declutter, or treat yourself to a new couch.

6.    Change-up your exercise routine. Try-out that indoor pool included in your gym membership. Ask a few friends to be your walking partner instead of going solo. Don’t get in a rut doing the same fitness work-out day after day.

Self-care is so important throughout your weight loss process, especially when you might be facing challenges. It is not selfish to prioritize your health.

As we welcome a new season, look forward toward the great things on the road ahead. The effort you are making right now will reap great rewards.