Nicole Discovers Unexpected Weight Loss Milestone After Gastric Bypass

We love to hear from our patients years after they have completed their bariatric weight loss journeys.

Nicole Ziegler had gastric bypass in August 2019 and eventually lost more than 100 pounds, even while working as a frontline healthcare worker during Covid-19.

Nocole was battling obesity and turned to gastric bypass to lose 90 pounds in one year

Her father, Pete Van Leeuwen, had the same operation nearly a decade ago. Nicole chose her father’s bariatric surgeon, Dr. Adeyeri, to perform her operation.

This month, more than two years since her weight loss surgery, she achieved a new milestone in the dressing room at Target, no less.

She unexpectedly tried on a size 12 pair of pants, which fit perfectly.

We’ll let her share her experience below (originally published on Facebook as a public post):

Wandering around Target, I was looking for a new pair of pants, since my current pants wardrobe is a tad loose. Never (ever) would I have thought that I could fit into a size 12. Repeat–NEVER EVER!!!!

But here they are (below) and, yes, I HAD to buy them.

Best $7 ever spent as years of joy almost ran down my face.

Dr. Adeyeri performed gastric bypass surgery for Nicole and today she wears a size 12 for the first time in her life since having weight loss surgery.

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