Handling Positive and Negative Feedback about Your Weight Loss

“Wow, you have lost a ton of weight. You look so much better.”

Ummmm, thanks?

Many of you already know from firsthand experience that people are going to make positive, negative and even rude comments during your weight loss transformation. At the time, they can make your blood boil and sting like a bee.

At Serling Surgicare, our patients have shared a plethora of offhanded comments spoken to them. If it’s already happened to you, more than likely you can laugh out loud about some of the silly and insensitive comments made.

People often speak before they think about the right thing to say. Don’t take it personally. Although you may be tempted to respond to these remarks with an equally strong retort, are they really important enough to raise your blood pressure? In the majority of cases, probably not.

You may want to create your own 10-second ‘sound byte’ reply if you’re on the receiving end of an offhand comment, such as:

“I’m in the process of getting my health back on track. I really appreciate you noticing.”

“Why is it so hard to accept a compliment about my weight loss?”

On the flipside, people who have had weight loss surgery can also experience a tough time accepting all the compliments. After years struggling with your weight, you might be startled by all the positive attention that suddenly comes your way and puts you in the spotlight.

Compliments are kind words meant to make you smile, not leave you feeling anxious or confused about how to respond. When all else fails, muster up a genuine “thank you,” and dot it with a smile.

Also, keep in mind—you have no obligation to provide personal information about your weight loss journey, such as pounds lost, type of bariatric procedure, pre-op clothing size, etc.

If asked, just respond by saying,

“I’m a work in progress and so far, so good!”

Ultimately, my advice to patients who have trouble accepting positive comments is to give more compliments than they receive. And if you’re the recipient of a backhanded statement, reply with a proper compliment back, so they can learn how it’s done!

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