Dr. Adeyeri’s Bariatric Superstars Share Their Success Tips

By Ayotunde Adeyeri, MD FASMBS

Dr. Adeyeri's patients share their bariatric weight loss success stories.

Here at Sterling Surgicare, we’ve performed many bariatric weight loss surgeries—gastric bypass, sleeve surgery, revision, lap-bands, revisions and the duodenal switch. Because the nature of this surgery necessitates a long-term patient/doctor relationship, we get to know our patients well during their weight loss journeys.

Our team began recording the “insider tips” shared by some of our patients and we’re passing them on to you below:

Realize that bariatric surgery is a tool, not a miracle

“WLS is not a magic pill that makes you thin in 6 months, by any means. You have to put in the work, like anything worthwhile in life. What you put in is what you get out of it.”

Discover an exercise you can live with

“I was too heavy to exercise until I lost the first 30 pounds after my sleeve. Then I started walking 30 minutes a day—rain or shine. I felt better the first week and it helped my ‘fat clothes’ fall off me even faster. Move it—you’ll lose more weight faster.”

Don’t rush back into eating solid foods

“I didn’t rush into eating. Four weeks of liquid and two weeks of a pureed diet worked really well, but it was hard mentally as I just wanted to chew something. Listen to the doctors and the nurses. They know what is best for each individual patient.”

Be honest with yourself

“About four years after gastric sleeve surgery, I was feeling exhausted, fat, grumpy and unattractive. I started back to the gym, taking my vitamins, drinking plenty of water and eating right. I’m getting back to the person I want to be.”

Have the right attitude

“I really believe if you have a relentlessly positive frame of mind and come to terms with the fact that this is for LIFE, you can be successful. And it’s so worth it. I feel joy in feeling full again, which was missing prior to surgery.”

Have your water bottle with you 24/7

“I drink 64 ounces a day even though I’m at goal weight. Not soda or coffee or other stuff—water.”

Follow your doctor’s orders

“I put my life in the hands of the IWL team and finally quit smoking before surgery. Now I eat high protein foods first, drink lots of water and ride my stationary bike 20 minutes a day. I love to see the sweat on my face!”

Don’t miss your bariatric support group meeting

“The biggest key to my success is the Raritan Bay monthly support group. My sister and I started going even before our operations. Even though I am close to goal, I still attend to share my experiences and learn something new every month.”

If you are ready to move forward and find out if you qualify for weight loss surgery, call our friendly team of bariatric specialists at (732) 217-3897 and set up a telehealth consultation with Dr. Adeyeri and speak with him within the next 48 hours (weekends excluded).