Dr. Adeyeri Continues to Offer Telehealth Visits


While we offer in-office visits, patients of Sterling Surgicare can also schedule telehealth visits, which can be more convenient for patients outside the area, unable to leave work or with small children at home.

Pre-surgery and short-term post-op visits are performed in-person, but follow-up visits can often be scheduled by telehealth. Call our administrative team to see if a telehealth visit with Dr. Adeyeri or our bariatric dietitian may be right for you.

Learn more about Sterling Surgicare’s personalized bariatric weight loss surgery program.

Laparoscopic and General GI Surgery

Dr. Adeyeri is also seeing people with non-emergency GI surgery needs, including:

• Gallbladder/gallstones and bile duct surgery

• Hernias (groin, hiatal, ventral) and abdominal wall repairs

• Laparoscopic colon resection

• Laparoscopic bowel resection

• Laparoscopic perforated stomach/duodenal ulcer

• Splenectomy

• Minimally invasive cancer surgery

• Laparoscopic biopsies

Sterling Surgicare Telehealth FAQs

Are virtual office visits covered by insurance?

Yes, medical insurance covers telehealth visits.

What if I have Medicare?

Medicare now covers telehealth and phone visits.

What if I don’t have medical insurance?

Please call our staff to discuss your situation at (732) 217-3897.

Does a telemed visit cost the same fee as an office visit?

Yes, the fee for live and telemed visits is the same.

How do I pay my co-pay?

You can provide a credit card over the phone or we will send you an invoice via US Mail or email.

 What days/ times can I make an appointment?

Appointments with our staff are available Tuesdays in Holmdel and Fridays in Old Bridge, 9:00 am – 4:30 pm. Call the office to schedule your appointment and we will email you a link to click on five minutes before your appointment time.

How long does it take for me to get an appointment using Telemed?

In most cases, we will schedule your appointment within 24 – 48 hours of your call. Our team will also reconfirm your medical insurance coverage if this is your first visit of 2020 or you are a new patient with us. Keep in mind, if you are an existing bariatric patient, you can also schedule a telehealth visit with our staff bariatric dietitian, Lori Skurbe, the same way you schedule a visit with Dr. Adeyeri!

What is the telemed appointment cancellation policy?

Please make every effort to cancel or reschedule your appointment 24 hours in advance. Because we have blocked the appointment time for you, and cannot replace it if you are a ‘no show,’ the same office charges will apply for no-show appointments.

Are any in-office appointments available?

Yes, we primarily see post-op patients only, but also schedule other cases in-person as necessary. We follow the CDC’s guidelines for Covid-19 prevention and masks, fully covering nose and mouth, are required at all times during your visit.

What should I do if I have a medical emergency?

If you may be facing a life-threatening medical emergency, dial 911. If you are experiencing a (currently) manageable issue, please call us at (732) 217-3897. Note that our after-hours service will contact Dr. Adeyeri 24/7.

I’m ready to schedule my virtual office visit

Great!  During regular business hours, call (732) 217-3897 to speak with our staff to schedule your virtual appointment.

Your health matters to us now, more than ever. We look forward to seeing you in-person or on screen soon!