Teajae Celebrates Her One-Year Bariatric Surgiversary

Taejae Wilson of New Jersey celebrates her new body after weight loss surgery performed by Dr. Adeyeri at Raritian Bay Medical Center in Old Bridge.

(Teajae had gastric sleeve surgery one year ago, weighing 277 pounds and today she has lost more than 100 pounds. She shared this update on her one-year post-op anniversary, and gave us permission to share it).

“Today is my One Year Surgiversary since having bariatric surgery on 7/6/16. ? 

It’s been a year of steady progression, leading to a healthier lifestyle. ?

I’m so grateful to have the highly skilled and gifted Dr. AYOTUNDE ADEYERI, the fantastic team at Sterling Surgicare and Raritan Bay. ? 

A Hugh THANK YOU to Everyone. ? 

It’s humbling to experience life in a new way … kind of like a caterpillar going through the cycle of life emerging into a butterfly☉.

Life is changing for the better. ? 

I encourage everyone who is on this weight loss journey to:

  • stay faithfully on track
  • practice healthy eating
  • exercise
  • take care of your mind, body, soul and spirit

Be well and much ❤ to you all. Teajae ?”

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