Two Women Check in Four Years after Weight Loss Surgery

From the beginning of your bariatric journey, you’ll learn about the most important facet of the bariatric weight loss journey.

You may think the focus is on losing the weight.

You aren’t wrong, but the most pivotal challenge overweight people face is the diligence and commitment to keeping the weight from creeping back on.

Losing the weight can happen surprisingly quickly; keeping the weight off demands a lifetime of weight management.

Even with a smaller stomach or a lap-band, it can happen. We’ve seen it, unfortunately.

This week, two patients who  had gastric bypass and the gastric sleeve in 2016 posted on their social media profiles to tell the world they continued to follow their bariatric lifestyle plan and reaped the rewards, beautifully:



“The nursing career shredded as much as my bariatric weight loss surgery did (LOL) 4 years ago this June… and Dr. Ayotunde Adeyeri is STILL my life savior.”


meg had weight loss surgery four years ago


“It’s been four years since I changed my life & myself for the better, and I’m so so grateful I did!!

Losing the weight has its benefits- some vain, and some not.

While I’m happy with what I see in the mirror, I’m much happier with what I see in my future! ?”

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