Rewarding Yourself During the Weight Loss Journey

rewards during weight loss

Treat yourself to some fresh blooms or buy them for that special person supporting you during weight loss.

By Ayotunde Adeyeri, MD, FASMBS, Medical Director

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Losing and maintaining successful weight loss requires behavior modification—changing from previous (pre-surgical weight loss) lifestyle habits and indoctrinating new routines for eating, exercising and rewarding yourself.

With support from your Sterling Surgicare bariatric team, you may be making these changes already.


Now that they are in place, the next step is repetition.

Countless studies have proven time and again that consistently repeated activities will eventually become ‘the norm’ and replace previous behaviors.

This premise absolutely pertains to weight loss.

The positive changes you make will become part of your daily life.


Yes, it will be challenging early on, but making healthy lifestyle changes gets easier as you move forward hour by hour, day by day.

As you meet and accomplish these milestones – starting a walking routine, foregoing nighttime eating, eliminating certain foods in your home – you may wish to reward yourself occasionally for committing to new habits and defeating old ones.

Previously, these rewards may have been poor quality food, alcohol or sugar-laden products.

I’m not going to offer specific suggestions of non-food “treats” to enjoy once in a while. As part of your new way of thinking, I challenge each of you to do the following:

Jot down five things you enjoy doing that are not food-related.

Keep it on your phone and print out copies for your desk, the refrigerator—or wherever this list may be relevant to you.

Edit this list to meet your changing needs.

Toss some veggies in a bag and head to the movies with a bottle of your favorite flavored water.

Keep in mind, your rewards can be both external (going to a movie or buying new shoes) and internal (thinking about your improving self-esteem and self-control).

Consciously thinking about the improved ways you reward yourself supports ‘the bigger picture’ while pushing away negative thoughts.

A small gift to yourself for a job well done helps boost your daily quality of life and make it more enjoyable. (It truly is the little things in life that mean the most).

Let’s not forget, you are fighting one of the biggest battles of your life.

Eventually, as your weight loss continues and you feel and look differently, these ‘rewards’ will be overshadowed by what you see in the mirror.

Improving your overall health, defeating weight-related medical problems and losing the extra weight will soon be the ultimate reward.

But there is no harm rewarding a job well done during your journey to success.

If you’re at the beginning of your weight loss surgery journey, or just want to gather more information, call our team of friendly bariatric specialists by calling 732.217.3897.