The Road Ahead After Weight Loss Surgery

By Dr. Ayotunde Adeyeri, Medical Director

Congratulations! You have decided to improve your health by fighting back against obesity using weight loss surgery as a tool to begin this transformation.

Whether you are a bariatric surgery pre-op or post-op, you will–or will soon realize that having gastric bypass, gastric sleeve (VSG) or another procedure is certainly a ‘life-changer.’

On the blog this week, I’m going to discuss the myriad of ways your life—and those around you—will be affected by your lifestyle change and weight loss.

I’ve outlined three pivotal examples of how your life will be different (for the better, of course) but also feel free to share your own personal experiences with the group.

Dramatic Weight Loss

People lose weight quickly after most bariatric procedures, particularly during the first 12 months post-op. The gastric sleeve (VSG), gastric bypass, bariatric revision and duodenal switch (DS) are very close in terms of average patient weight loss, but the DS pulls ahead over the long-term as it results in less weight regain over time.

Health Improvements

Improvements to your overall physical health can be as dramatic as your rapid weight reduction.

Many serious medical conditions can be resolved or significantly lessened following bariatric surgery, including type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), asthma, heart disease, depression, hypertension, joint pain, high cholesterol, urinary incontinence–and more!


Your change after weight loss surgery also affects the people around you, from spouses to co-workers to your oldest childhood friend. Some people may be uncomfortable with your changing appearance and healthier lifestyle and need time to get used to the ‘new you.’

In most cases, this awkward transition is temporary, although some relationships do change permanently. Substantial weight reduction produced enhanced confidence which may compel you to return to school, apply for higher paying jobs or leave negative relationships behind.

New to Weight Loss Surgery? Attend Our New Patient Seminar!

Managing various social changes that may occur is another great reason to participate in our monthly Bariatric Support Group, held at Raritan Bay Medical Center in Old Bridge, where I serve as Medical Director at the Institute for Weight Loss.

During these invaluable sessions, you can gain unique insight and encouragement throughout your positive journey back to health and leaving behind obesity and the health problems that go along with it.

Before, during and after your transformation, take time to commend yourself for having the courage to wage war against obesity.

The benefits to all aspects of your life are astounding.

Your team here at Sterling Surgicare understands your battle, some of our staff have undergone bariatric surgery themselves!  

Call our friendly and patient team at (732) 217-3897 and find out how you can start your journey.