James Loses 110 Pounds in Nine Months After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

James has gstric sleeve bariatric weight loss surgery performed by Dr. Adeyeri in Holmdel

Like many people with weight issues, James Reid, age 64, had to go back 10 years to find photos of himself before gastric sleeve surgery in early 2020.

His older brother, Jay Reid, had successful gastric bypass bariatric surgery in 2018, which inspired James to take action.

Weighing 378 pounds at the time of his surgery, James has already lost an impressive 110 pounds in just nine months.

He allowed us to take his picture after his most recent check-up with Dr. Adeyeri (October) for the first time in nearly a decade.

We have a strong feeling James is going to be appearing in many photos to come!

He has set a goal of losing another 90 pounds by Summer 2021.

We have no doubt James will reach his weight loss goal.

Do you think it’s “too late” or you are “too old” to undergo surgical weight loss?

You may be surprised.

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