How a Bariatric Dietitian Uniquely Supports Your Weight Loss Strategy

By Lori Skurbe, RDN, MPH, CDCES

Sterling Surgicare Bariatric Dietitian

Just like doctors who specialize in various areas of medicine, dietitians also specialize in managing different diseases and health issues. Dietitians specialize in many areas, such as cardiology, oncology, sports nutrition, diabetes management, gastrointestinal issues and others. Bariatrics (weight loss surgery) is also an area that dietitians specialize in since WLS requires distinct nutritional guidance from pre-op to achieving and maintaining goal weight. Due to the unique nutritional and medical needs WLS patients may face, having the guidance of a dietitian who is a specialist in bariatrics is key to your success.


Bariatric dietitian expertise

My expertise in bariatric nutrition includes identifying potential vitamin/mineral deficiencies, managing fluid intake, texture issues, food tolerances and troubleshooting common challenges after weight loss surgery. Topics covered at our appointments include:

  • Tips and tools to maximize protein intake
  • How to dine out post-weight loss surgery
  • Strategies to manage emotional eating
  • Healthy bariatric-friendly recipes
  • Fitness guidance before, during and after weight loss
  • Help troubleshoot challenges related to bariatric nutrition
  • Recommend highly-rated food, beverage, nutritional supplements and vitamin products
  • Provide weight regain strategies and monitor success

Visits with me at Sterling Surgicare are generally 30 minutes long and conducted via telehealth, in most cases, so you can conveniently log-on from work, school or home. Between visits, patients are free to contact me through email with questions, so you are never left waiting for guidance.

The number of visits with your bariatric nutritionist is determined by your medical insurance, but in most cases, we will meet a minimum of three visits pre-op and three visits the first year after surgery. The second year after surgery, we recommend one-two visits annually. Keep in mind, several patients choose to schedule additional visits between appointments with Dr. Adeyeri to stay on an optimal weight loss track.


Surgical weight loss is a team effort

You are not alone in your bariatric weight loss journey. Your bariatric dietitian and surgeon, Dr. Adeyeri, are part of a team of people ready to help you achieve your goals. Collectively, we have worked with thousands of people who have undergone weight loss surgery over the years.

We know the tools to help you safely and successfully lose the extra weight and transform your health. Use our ‘front lines’ experience and expertise to meet your goals. We are beside you every step of the way—to the finish line and beyond!

Call our friendly team of bariatric experts at (732) 217-3897 and schedule a prompt consultation with Dr. Adeyeri within the next two weeks. We look forward to meeting you!