NJ Attorney Inspires with His Personal Weight Loss Insight

Carl recently posted an update on his social media profile and gave us permission to share it:

“A year ago, I saw my bariatric surgeon Ayotunde Adeyeri for the first of many appointments.

I think that day I didn’t stop for fast food on the way home.

Six months later, I had a gastric sleeve.

(Yes, no fast food that day either.)

Tonight, I’m going to pick up the dog I didn’t have, and maybe do a walk I couldn’t do, and sit down with legs that don’t ache.

I’m not a better person than I was a year ago.

I just wanted to do this for me, and I’ve had some great support the whole way for which I am eternally grateful.

By my scale, I’ve lost 159 pounds in the past year.

Six months after my weight loss surgery, I had lost 107 pounds.

I feel great and my health is better in the little meaningful ways, and life is (as it has always been) one endless series of blessings.

Thank you, for everything.”