Don Welcomes 2018 More Than 200 Pounds Lighter Since Weight Loss Surgery

January 12, 2018

Our bariatric superstar Don Raymond Jr. is kicking off 2018 with an inspiring story of a 200+ pound weight loss since gastric bypass surgery, which he has maintained beautifully.

Think you have ‘too much weight to lose?’

Read Don’s story:

“Happy New Year! I’m volunteering to post as the first Transformation Tuesday of the year so let’s kick it off right!

I had weight loss surgery on September 10, 2015 and I’ll never look back.

Today, I have lost 213 pounds and look and feel 100%healthier.

My starting weight at surgery was 463 pounds.

In 2018, I am maintaining 250 lbs.

Thank you again Dr Adeyeri!”