Create a Healthy Habit in Four Simple Steps


By Ayotunde Adeyeri, MD, FASMBS

New year, new resolutions, right? Now that it’s 2022, I recommend we modernizing the word resolutions into a more productive term—habits.

Over time, we all create our personal routines—brush our teeth before bed, walk the dog after dinner, pay bills on the first day of the month, etc.

But we also pick up other habits that aren’t so healthy—smoking, drinking too much, poor time management—and using food for reasons other than nutrition and sustenance.

Many of us use food as a reward or for comfort—you made it through another crazy day at work; your loved one said something unkind to you; you are just so bored during this endless pandemic, and so on.

While many of us are still corralled at home, it’s a great time to change bad habits (routines) into good habits (best practices) and emerge from this time stronger and with better health routines in place. Best of all, it’s not that difficult to make the switch.

Think about one single routine or habit you are going to change. I’ve outlined four simple steps to creating a new habit:

1.    Contemplation

“I’m thinking about it.”

You have a specific goal to change and are increasingly motivated to get started.

2.    Preparation

“I have made up my mind to take action.”

You are creating a specific action plan to create a new habit.

3.    Action

“I have started to make changes.”

You are in motion and the steps to accomplish change are in progress.

4.    Maintenance (6 months after action step)

“I have a new routine.”

You have initiated a healthy habit that has replaced a less healthy routine.

Congratulations! Replacing a negative habit with a positive habit has created a healthier routine that will improve your long-term physical and mental health.

If you’re ready to make a change, where do you start?

Do you want to make a significant change (better job, substance cessation, overspending, relationship change) or a smaller change (stop nighttime snacking, start working out, forego fast food eating, find a way to destress beyond eating)?

Next, consider each of the benefits and long-term outcome after making this change. Is it worth the effort? Will your quality of life be improved?

If the answer is yes, then move up to step 1—you are on your way!

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