Relationship Changes After Your Weight Loss Surgery

By Dr. Ayotunde Adeyeri, Medical Director

Congratulations–you’ve officially made it to the other side of your bariatric journey. While the road is exciting and life-changing, the people in your life can be confused by your changing role in the relationship.

From spouses and family members to co-workers and your best friend, people are going to need a little time to adjust to the new you.

And there may be a few bumps in the road.

In most cases, this awkward transition is temporary, although we’re going to speak this evening about some relationships which sometimes can change more dramatically.

A patient who had lost nearly 100 pounds confided in me recently that he was unaccustomed to being ‘front and center’ in the workplace. But since his appearance had changed dramatically, he was surprised to see his recommendations and opinions were taken more seriously by his managers and co-workers.

As a result, the 20-year EMT is preparing to apply for a higher pay grade. Another patient told me that the newfound attention from the opposite sex also took some adjustment.

“Men always looked at my girlfriends and ignored me—but not anymore!”

Keep in mind, it will take time, patience and a little experience to become accustomed to your new role in the network of relationships around you.

You are gaining or regaining confidence which has been spurred by your courage to go to war against the extra weight.

Be sure to confide in people whom you trust about what you are experiencing.

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Take your changing position slowly and don’t be offended by careless commentary buzz about your weight loss.

Finally, while your newfound weight loss may bolster your confidence to return to school, apply for a better job or leave a negative relationship behind, most of the people around you are continuing their lives status quo.

Navigating these emotional and social changes during your weight loss journey are another great reason to partner with us at Sterling Surgicare, where you will receive continuous encouragement and advice from our experienced bariatric team as you progress back to a normal BMI.

Enjoy the journey—you’ve earned it!

If you are at the beginning of your weight loss chapter, start by calling our friendly and respectful team at (732) 217-3897 and sign up for Dr. Adeyeri’s live seminar held twice a month at Raritan Bay Medical Center in Old Bridge.