Football player overcomes sleep disorder after gastric sleeve surgery

Middlesex County man drops 122 pounds in just four months

Jeffrey Castillo of South River has been a football player for as long as he can remember (since age 5). He was an athlete in high school, college and played semi-pro football for 11 years before hanging up his cleats.

Now a married father of three young children, Jeffrey works as a Class A CDL truck driver, specializing in dump trucks and 18-wheelers.

During the course of raising children and working long hours, he and his wife put on weight, as many parents do. So the busy couple decided to diet together to revive their energy and get healthier for their kids.

Jeffrey’s wife Linda lost 50 pounds, while he only lost eight pounds.

Frustration set in as his weight passed 300 pounds and his symptoms of possible sleep apnea worsened.

Sleep apnea symptoms affect Jeffrey’s family and work-life


Sleep apnea is a serious medical condition where breathing repeatedly stops and starts. It is more common in men and tends to affect obese people. Symptoms include loud snoring and poor sleep quality, leaving the sufferer feeling drowsy throughout the day.

Considering the nature of Jeffrey’s profession behind the wheel, exhaustion from sleep apnea and carrying more than 100 extra pounds was also dangerous. Over the years, his sleepwalking, also a symptom, became more frequent and concerning.

“Linda often found me in different parts of the house and garage during the night due to sleepwalking,” Jeffrey explains.

“She wasn’t getting quality sleep either, due to my condition.”

A football teammate offers an unexpected weight loss solution

Jeffrey shared his health issues with teammate Don Raymond, who suggested an option he had never considered—weight loss surgery.

“Don told me about his successful gastric sleeve bariatric surgery in 2015 and said Dr. Adeyeri was the best surgeon out there,” Jeffrey recalls.

“He lost over 200 pounds and kept it off, which was very important to me.”

While he didn’t know much about surgical weight loss (he had never had surgery of any kind), the 42-year-old met with Dr. Adeyeri in his Old Bridge office to learn more and find out if he qualified for the operation.

“He and I just clicked, and I trusted the doctor could help get me back to the healthy weight and healthy life I desperately wanted.”

Dr. Adeyeri explains Jeffrey’s sleep apnea challenge


In September 2021, weighing 334 pounds, Jeffrey entered Old Bridge Medical Center, underwent the vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG) and hit the ground running toward a healthier life.

“Jeffrey was a former athlete who gained weight from the stresses we all face as adults,” Dr. Adeyeri explains. “Having a sedentary job, working long hours and eating quick meals on the road is a ticket to weight gain.”

Dr. Adeyeri told Jeffrey during their pre-op appointments that one of the quickest health benefits after weight loss surgery could be lessening or eliminating sleep apnea symptoms.

“Excess weight creates fat deposits in the neck called pharyngeal fat, which commonly blocks the upper airway during sleep,” noted Dr. Adeyeri.

This explains why loud and continuous snoring is one of the most common sleep apnea symptoms.”

Additionally, abdominal girth from excess fat can compress a person’s chest wall, decreasing lung volume. This reduced lung capacity diminishes airflow, making the upper airway more likely to collapse during sleep.

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Jeffrey loses 122 pounds just four months after gastric sleeve surgery


Today, just four months after weight loss surgery, Jeffrey’s weight has plummeted from 334 to 212 pounds—a whopping 122-pound weight loss.

“Linda was truly responsible for helping change my lifestyle and stay on track,” Jeffrey notes. “I would not be where I am today without her.”

Jeffrey’s sleep apnea and sleepwalking symptoms have stopped completely.

“I can’t tell you how much better life is when you are not exhausted all day long,” he says. “Before surgery, I would work and go home and collapse on the couch for the rest of the night.”

Today, Jeffrey has a new set of plans for the future—I’m heading back to the gym and have plans to coach my son’s football team in the future. Before the surgery, I would never have the stamina to do anything like that.

In closing, the commercial driver added a message to his success story–

“I want to thank Dr. Adeyeri for saving my life and helping me to enjoy living again.

I owe the man my life and I am incredibly grateful for this second chance.

Thank you to my beautiful wife, family and friends for their non-stop support.

You guys are the best.”

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