5-Star Review from Dr. Adeyeri’s Bariatric Patient

We never tire of positive testimonials from our patients!

This morning, we were thrilled to see this post on our Patient Reviews page:

“I had a VSG (gastric sleeve bariatric surgery) in August 2018 preparatory to duodenal switch surgical weight loss in May 2019.

Dr. Adeyeri and his staff have been excellent with everything ranging from pre-surgery care to post-op follow-up to insurance questions and issues.

My results have been fantastic, which are partially the nature of my physiology and partially I’m sure a product of his excellent work.

I highly recommend Dr. Adeyeri, especially if you have a BMI of 50+ and are looking for someone who has experience with individuals in that area.

I started with a BMI over 72 and have lost 210 pounds since I met with him sixteen months ago.”


C Archer