Real Life Tips to Manage Your Weight During the Holidays

By Ayotunde Adeyeri, MD, FASMBS

After weight loss surgery, many people are justifiably anxious about navigating the holiday season with a much smaller stomach.

The secret to enjoying social occasions while staying on your weight-loss track can be explained in one word—plan.

Without planning, bariatric clients often worry they will overeat, so they don’t eat enough, while others may face the unpleasant consequences of overindulging in alcohol or food.

Even during the holidays, remember that food isn’t a social companion or the main focus of any gathering—it’s simply fuel to keep your body working.

Our Sterling Surgicare weight loss team team has outlined five simple strategies to help keep you on track during the Thanksgiving festivities and more celebrations to come:

  • Don’t even partake in the Halloween candy

We all know what happens when you eat ‘just one piece of candy.’ That sugar starts flowing through your veins and you want more the rest of the day. Rather, feel proud that you’re skipping the candy this year and taking full control of your health. I promise, you’ll feel even better on November 1!

  • Fill up before you go

Before you leave, sit down and eat a filling snack slowly, reminding your mind and body that you have eaten something significant. When the party food is served, you won’t be so hungry and potentially overeat. These simple tools work!

  • Bring the ‘healthy dish’

Be the one to bring a healthy dish to the party; this way, you know there will be something for you to enjoy. You’ll be surprised by how many guests thank you for it!

  • Challenge yourself to find the protein

Protein is the most valuable nutrient in your bariatric diet. Many people are eating healthier, so it should be easy to find foods to enjoy. Choose eggs, poultry, meats, fish, low-fat cheese, low-fat or fat-free milk, beans, lentils and soy products.

  • Plan your alcohol calories or sip water or tea from a wine glass

holiday weight loss

Why drink your daily calories? Unless you have planned for these calories in advance, keep the number of drinks you enjoy in check. Our IWL dietitians can offer tips to turn one drink into multiple cocktails by adding non-carbonated fillers.

  • Use a small plate at the buffet

Follow the small plate rule to judiciously pick the right foods in the right portion sizes.

Finally, pull your focus away from the food—approach someone you’ve never met to freshen up your social skills, recruit a group to throw the football outside or talk a brisk walk after a big meal.

Most importantly, you are in charge of what you eat–no one else. So when you devise a game plan before the party, you’ve set yourself up for victory.

Armed with these real-life tools, you can enjoy the holiday season and continue to control your weight loss or weight maintenance.

Has 2022 been another year where you had the best intentions to lose weight, but it didn’t happen for one reason or another? If you have more than 75 pounds to lose, or dealing with weight-related medical issues like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or sleep apnea, call our friendly team of bariatric weight loss experts at (732) 217-3897 to learn more and schedule an appointment with me in the next two weeks. 2022 may be coming to a close, but your healthiest days are yet to come.