Where to Find the Bariatric Support You Need to Succeed

By Dr. Ayotunde Adeyeri

Choosing to have bariatric surgery is one of the most pivotal journeys during your life. Recognizing all of the people who support you through this transformation is an essential tool in your weight loss arsenal.

This month, we are highlighting the multifaceted network of support that surrounds you.

I encourage you to utilize all of these assets to help achieve your goals:

Your Sterling Surgicare Team and Personal Healthcare Network

Sterling Surgicare bariatric experts

You’re the center of your health care team. This team serves as an umbrella to oversee your holistic health, mentally and physically, help manage chronic medical conditions and serve as your right-hand during your transformation to weight loss and healthy living.

Regular screening and check-ups, even during Covid-19, are essential to discovering any trouble spots before they grow into something more serious.

Losing a large amount of weight can also require mental health support. This life change affects you and the other people in your life.

Reach out for help if you are struggling emotionally, confused or experiencing anxiety. Our team can recommend providers who specialize in weight issues, also.

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Bariatric Support Groups

Countless studies show that patients who go to support groups after any type of weight loss surgery achieve a higher volume of weight loss and maintain their weight more successfully for the long-term.

Bariatric support groups are an essential part of the post-surgery process. This group is your community; they uniquely understand your journey.

Our in-person Support Group that meets at Raritan Bay Medical Center in Old Bridge:

   Raritan Bay Medical Center – Old Bridge

    *Meets the fourth Wednesday of every month
     Time: 6:00 – 7:00 p.m.
     Address: 3 Hospital Plaza, Auxiliary Hall B
     For more information, please call 732-360-4268


During these informal meetings, our team helps members work through the unique emotional and physical challenges associated with surgical weight loss.

Together, we strive to heal the chronic medical condition of obesity and retrain behaviors to support healthy living through consistent exercise, nutrition and emotional self-care.

Online Weight Loss Surgery Support

Joining an online group (there are many here in New Jersey) can act as an additional community to help inspire you. You may find that you can also inspire others, which can be tremendously satisfying.

Family, Friends & Work Colleagues

Include people you trust in your transformation. They want you to be successful and look forward to celebrating your milestones. As we’ve all learned during the past year, we need each other in good times and bad times.

Make no mistake—you are in charge of what information you choose to share and with whom. There is no rush to make this decision.

Over time, you will discover people who feed your journey and others who only drain your tank.

We encourage loved ones and friends to express support by their actions and exhibit healthy habits in your presence. Their positive and helpful actions boost your motivation and make you feel valued.

Fitness Friends

Ask a friend to accompany you to a safely-distanced Zumba class or round up a few neighbors to take a brisk walk around the neighborhood. This time of year, we all want to get out and do something that makes us feel healthier. Exercising with someone else makes the time pass faster and feeds your spirit through socialization.

Your bariatric journey is uniquely your own—but you are not alone.

Jot down some notes in the galley of this article to identify your support network, including who you’d like to add and who needs to be cut out.

The people who feed your soul and inspire you will remain in your life long after your weight loss goal has been reached.

If you are ready to start your surgical weight loss journey, call our team of friendly and helpful bariatric experts at (732) 217-3897. If you would like to set up a telehealth appointment with me within the next two weeks, just let us know and we’ll get started on planning your weight loss transformation and guiding you back to good health.