Four Tools to Get Your Weight Loss Rolling Again

By Dr. Ayotunde Adeyeri, Medical Director, Sterling Surgicare

weight loss

Are you feeling like this after the holidays?

From parties at work or school to celebrations with friends and family–the holidays were wonderful!

Even so, there was also some stress along the way.

The holiday season combined with ensuing stress can lead to one downfall—adding a few pounds or seeing the scale stuck stubbornly on the same number.

First and foremost—don’t beat yourself up. You made new memories and enjoyed yourself.

The New Year presents an opportunity to move past these once-a-year indulgences and get back to the business of losing more weight.

So where do you begin to get back on track?

First and foremost, you’re gathering information right here–a great place to start!

Next, I’ve listed four essential steps to help resume your weight loss, fitness and wellness program:

1. Go back to the beginning.

Post-surgery, you probably followed your healthcare team’s advice to the letter. But as time passed, and you looked and felt healthier, you may have started to deviate from those dietary and exercise guidelines. Pull out your notes and review the program guidelines that brought you this far. Get back on the scale once a week and fire up your food journal again.

2. Give and get support.

Join us every month at our bariatric support group meetings. Supplement these meetings with online support groups such as, or bariatric groups on social media. Get the information you need but share your experiences to help others as well. There is support all-around you–take it.

3. Work it out.

Are you using the ‘too tired, too cold, too dark outside, too early/too late, too much to do’ reasons for missing a trip to the gym or 30-minute speed walk around the neighborhood? If you need energy, you know how to get it—get up, get out and get moving. Only you can prioritize your health and wellness. You matter—make time for your health every single day.

4. Look forward, not back.

This doesn’t mean blaming yourself or feeling that all is lost. Rather, be forthright about how and why it happened and pat yourself on the back that you’ve recognized it now—not in June. You have already done the hard part by recognizing some weight has crept back on. You are ready to do this.

Life is filled with occasional side-steps and setbacks. It is part of making us who we are. When it comes to your pre- or post-op bariatric weight loss, there is a whole team supporting you 24/7 in this effort. We are armed with the ammunition to get the scale moving downward again.

Make a plan, regroup, recommit.  You can do this.

Is 2019 the year you finally lose the weight?

Your bariatric weight loss team at Sterling Surgicare would love to partner with you. Reach out to our team, some whom have had weight loss surgery :),at (732) 217-3897. 

Schedule a private consultation with our medical director, board-certified and fellowship-trained Ayotunde Adeyeri, MD, FASMBS or attend one of our support group meetings or New Patient Seminars to learn more about the bariatric weight loss process.