After Weight Loss Surgery: Navigating Your Changing Appearance

By Dr. Ayotunde Adeyeri, Medical Director

Congratulations–you’ve officially made it to the other side of your bariatric journey.

While the road is exciting and life-changing, people around you–friends, family, coworkers–are going to need a little time to adjust to the new you.

And there may be a few bumps in the road, so be prepared.

In most cases, this awkward transition is temporary.

Handling Newfound Attention after Weight Loss Surgery

One of our patients who lost nearly 100 pounds confided in me recently that she was uncomfortable suddenly being ‘front and center’ in social situations.

Before weight loss surgery, she was often in the background in nightclubs and parties and didn’t have to deal with a great deal of attention from men.

But since her weight loss, hairstyle change and new (smaller) wardrobe, she’s often the focus of attention, which takes some adjustment.

“Men always looked at my girlfriends and ignored me—but not anymore.”

Another patient who lost 75 pounds now feels comfortable looking for a better career opportunity, no longer deterred by the worry his weight would prevent a job offer.

“I admittedly stayed in a dead-end job too long,

because I didn’t think anyone else would hire me because of my weight.”

Most weight loss surgery warriors lose a substantial amount of weight in about a year.

That’s a very short span of time; sometimes your brain needs a little extra time to catch up to the new ‘you.’

Regardless, your appearance is markedly different and, fair or not, you are going to be treated differently, in many cases.

Be sure to confide in people whom you trust about what you are experiencing.

Take your changing physical appearance in stride and don’t be offended by careless commentary about your weight loss.

Finally, while your newfound weight loss may bolster your confidence to return to school, apply for a better job or leave a negative relationship behind, most of the people around you are continuing their lives status quo.

Your Sterling Surgicare Team: We’re Here to Support Your Bariatric Journey

Navigating the physical, emotional and social changes during your weight loss is another excellent reason to participate in Sterling Surgicare’s monthly Bariatric Support Group, held at Raritan Bay Medical Center in Old Bridge.

Held on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 6 pm, join us to gain encouragement and advice from others who have already traveled down the same path.

Whether you are pre-op, post-op or just need to reconnect with your bariatric community, all are welcome to attend!

You have fought hard to lose with weight–always know you have my support as well as the whole Sterling team. 

Call us at 732.217.3897 anytime you have a question, suggestion, idea or concern.