Dr. Adeyeri – Bariatric Patient Reviews

By Dr. Ayotunde Adeyeri

When you commit to having weight loss surgery, the relationship with your surgeon is different than if you have hernia surgery or gallbladder removal. Once your hernia is repaired and your diseased gallbladder is removed, you will see your surgeon for a few follow-up visits to ensure there are no complications and that your recovery is 100% successful. Then it’s back to your regularly scheduled life.

But bariatric surgery encompasses far more than just an operation. Gastric bypass, VSG, lap banding, duodenal switch or even a bariatric revision is a lifestyle improvement where you partner with your bariatric surgeon and staff to plan your weight loss strategy before your operation through the time you reach and maintain goal weight.

In other words, choose your bariatric surgeon and team with great care and careful due diligence.

As you can see below, your surgical weight loss is a series of carefully orchestrated steps designed to optimize your opportunity for long-term success, from pre-op to post-op:


I encourage you to visit our Patient Reviews page to hear from our bariatric warriors who started and completed their weight loss transformation successfully.

Each offers a unique view of their journey and has useful feedback and advice to offer. (They also detail their experience with me and our Sterling team).

Choosing surgical weight loss is an opportunity to regain your health and live a longer and healthier life. If you have not joined us for an online or in-person New Patient webinar/seminar, I hope you’ll sign up soon.

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