Bariatric Revision: A Second Chance for Weight-Loss Success


It’s been a long and difficult year since the onset of Covid-19. During the course of the shut-down, job loss, personal and family health crises, and other stressors have caused some bariatric warriors to experience weight regain.

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Now that the vaccine has helped lay the groundwork for us to resume somewhat normal lives again, it is time to focus on weight maintenance.

In some cases, some people have old or ineffective lap bands that no longer promote meaningful weight loss and should be removed. Others had gastric sleeve surgery some years ago, but weight regain expanded their pouches and precipitated weight gain.

This is not the time to be embarrassed or feel that you have failed.

Obesity is a disease that can affect every aspect of your health and your life; it is a chronic medical condition that can often determine your lifespan.

We don’t judge. Your Sterling Surgicare team is here to help you be successful and healthy.

If you feel lost and don’t know what to do next, a bariatric revision

may be the fastest and one of the safest methods to take off the added weight.


How can a bariatric revision help restart weight loss in 2021?

Revision Bariatric SurgeryRevision bariatric surgery changes from a lap band or gastric sleeve to gastric bypass, most commonly.

Studies by the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) reported that gastric bypass surgery produces significant long-term weight loss (60 to 80 percent excess weight loss); restricts the amount of food that can be consumed; helps contribute to increased energy expenditure, and produces changes in gut hormones that reduce appetite and enhance satiety (feeling full).

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How to qualify for revision surgery

To be considered for revision weight loss surgery, you should have one or more of the following qualifications:

  • Significant weight regain
  • First bariatric procedure is more than 10 years old or no longer performed
  • Poor overall weight loss results
  • Complications from the original operation such as:
  • Staple line compromised (VBG or Roux-en-Y).
  • Stomach band has dilated over time or has broken (VBG).
  • Persistent vomiting or dumping
  • Ulcers
  • Slipped lap bands (see below)

Gastric band (lap band) slippage or failure

In the past few years, Dr. Adeyeri and the weight loss surgery team at Sterling Surgicare have helped many patients who eventually sustained lap band health issues, resulting in a reduction in weight loss or weight regain. Symptoms include:

  • Food Consumption Changes – You may notice a decrease in appetite, eating a larger volume of food, or unexplained discomfort during and after eating a meal.
  • Nausea or Vomiting – When the band on your stomach slips, it can be difficult for food to pass through. This may feel like there is food trapped in your prolapsed stomach. This sensation can cause your body to want to expel the trapped food, leading to vomiting.
  • Acid Reflux – Feeling heartburn-like symptoms is a sign that your stomach acids are coming back up your throat from the stomach (esophagus), leading to chest pain, bloating, burping, chronic hiccups and other GI discomfort.
  • Abdominal Pain – Some patients with gastric banding slippage describe it as “something isn’t right” in their stomachs. They can complete normal daily tasks but don’t feel normal.

Sterling Surgicare is a judgement-free zone

The past year has been difficult for everyone. But better days are here, and it’s time to get your health, wellness and appearance up to speed again. Let’s start by talking about your weight loss challenges and your goals for the future.

Then, together, we will formulate an action plan.


Sterling Surgicare bariatric experts

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