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August 15, 2022

Dr. Adeyeri is professional, intelligent, and compassionate. He thoroughly explains and teaches the process. At times throughout the process he gave me a pop quiz to make sure that I understood. He also encourages questions. Dr. Adeyeri’s staff is amazing too. They get things done and answer all my questions even though they were repetitive. After all everything went smooth, my surgery went better than expected. I am so grateful to him and his staff. I highly recommend Dr. Adeyeri. Jennifer V Ian (Google Reviews)

August 11, 2022

Dr. Adeyeri is an amazing doctor! He is thorough and attentive. He takes his time with you and answers any questions you may have. He has great bedside manners. He performed a gastric sleeve for me and the surgery went well. He was great in communicating post op and during my follow up. He’s been an amazing doctor and I believe he was the best surgeon to perform my procedure. Jess Rooney (Google Reviews)

July 23, 2022

I was beyond pleased with my experience with Dr. Adeyeri. He was thorough and attentive throughout the entire process of my gastric sleeve preparation and post-op appointments. His office staff was extremely helpful in assisting with insurance issues, and his bariatric nurse was excellent. I would highly recommend this physician to anyone considering bariatric surgery. His record is impeccable, and I felt confident throughout the process that I was in good hands. Lora Gandolfo (Google Reviews)

July 13, 2022

Dr Adeyeri gave me back my life. I had severe back pain, could not walk a half of block, without being short of breath, my knees ached and I was very overweight. After my gastric sleeve surgery, I lost the weight, and I am now able to walk 3 to 4 miles a day, no knee or back issues. Dr Adeyeri works with his patients during and after their weight loss journey. He encourages and helps with all the tools needed for someone to be successful. He is always there for his patients no matter what time day or night. Dr A , you rock!!!❤️Marykate McDonald-Santarsiero (Facebook)

July 6, 2022

Celebrating 1 year of walking into Dr. Ayotunde Adeyeri’s office today. Thank you, Dr. Adeyeri. 🙏 I’m so thankful that God put you in my path so you could save my life.💕 July 2021 (size 16) to July 2022 (size 8). Aileen Delgado (Facebook)

July 5, 2022

You are the BEST Dr. A! 7 years ago I had surgery, lost 180 lbs–and keeping it off! Thanks to the great team! Karen Duvall (Facebook)

July 1, 2022

Dr. Adeyeri took great care of me. My health has dramatically improved and I’m off of all my previous medications. The office is always available to answer questions and call in prescriptions if needed. Always a pleasure seeing them. Samantha Brocato

July 1, 2022

He takes his time explaining every detail of your surgery and recovery process. Dr. A is always available to his patients. He is so kind and considerate. An amazing Doctor. Alanna Greenstein

June 30, 2022

Dr. Adeyeri did a wonderful job of removing my gall bladder. It was done as an emergency and he came in right away and helped me out of a bad situation. The recovery process was quick with little to no pain. I can’t thank him enough. I highly recommend Dr. Adeyeri for anyone. Thank You again, Ken Murray

Jun 13, 2022
Dr. Adeyeri performed 3 emergency life saving perforated ulcer repairs on me several years apart. They were all very successful and went as well as they possibly could. He’s very caring and takes every precaution to insure the outcome is a good one. I can’t say enough good things about someone who saved my life not once but THREE times. Truly an Angel. I’m glad I got the opportunity to tell others about him ? Thanks! Sue Lukowicz

Jun 7, 2022

Dr Adeyeri rocks! He did my gastric sleeve almost 3 years ago. I now walk 3 + miles a day, and can breathe while walking. I can finally be the active person I was meant to be. He is very caring and spends time with each patient, and is always there to help you meet your goals. His staff is fantastic. If you are on the fence about having this surgery, I say do it and Dr A is the your go to doctor. MaryKate McDonald

Jun 1, 2022

I would like to thank Dr. Adeyeri and the whole team of Sterling Surgicare as well as Hackensack Meridian Medical Center of Old Bridge for taking good care of me during my Bariatric Sleeve Surgery. I couldn’t be more thankful and appreciative of each and everyone of you. You took good care of me and my health unconditionally and for that I will be enormously thankful for the rest of my life. Here is to a new journey for me. Thank you all again. Fanny Fuentes

May 31, 2022

I had 2 surgeries with Dr. Adeyeri. He and his staff are amazing. My first operation was for colon cancer. This man literally saved my life. The second was a bariatric surgery. His team answered all of my questions and concerns. Even after my procedures, his team was with me every step of the way. He has my full 100% recommendation. Daisy Velez

May 18, 2022

It’s been 2 months since my weight loss surgery and I’m feeling better about it every day. If you’re on the fence, come talk to Dr. Adeyeri. He will put you at ease and explain everything to you! The staff is just as incredible. I never felt nervous calling and asking any questions and they helped not just scheduling my appointments, but also with informing and communicating with my insurance. Everyone here wants to see you succeed! Come and see how you can change your life! Shelly Coonan

May 2, 2022

My decision to have weight loss surgery was not an easy decision to make. When I consulted with Dr. Ayotunde Adeyeri and the wonderful team at Sterling Surgicare I knew my health care was in the right hands of trusted professionals. My weight loss journey has completely changed my life for the better. I reached my personal goal weight with Gastric Bypass Surgery. I feel so much better and actually went rock climbing in the caves of the British Virgin Islands for my 60th Birthday Celebration last month. This would never have been possible but for the excellent highly skilled surgical and follow up care of Dr. Adeyeri and his team. If you are considering Bariatric Surgery, think no more… give Sterling Surgicare and Dr. Adeyeri a call right away, it’s the decision that saved my life, I’m truly grateful. I very highly recommended Dr. Ayotunde Adeyeri, MD. Teresa Wilson

Apr 25, 2022

Thank you so much!! You’ve changed my life for the better!! You and your team made my experience so easy!! I’m forever grateful!! Tyshina Nivar

Apr 25, 2022

Dr. Adeyeri has a wonderful program for weight loss. My VSG surgery went without a hitch. The support program after surgery is excellent. Sterling Surgicare office staff also gets 5 Stars for their efficiency and compassion. I would highly recommend. Sue McCawley

Mar 29, 2022

Dr. A performed my surgery just over a year ago. I am down almost 90 pounds in a year. This man and his team saved my life. I was unsure as to which surgery I was going to do and he explained every option to me in detail and I decided to do gastric bypass…Best thing I ever did. I was prepared what to expect after my surgery. There were no surprises he is a wonderful Doctor. He and his staff are always there to answer any questions I have. I highly recommend Dr A. If you are thinking of having this surgery. He is the best. Jeanne Boyne

Mar 17, 2022

Three years ago today, I had gastric bypass bariatric surgery to give me a new life. I was 400 pounds. With the grace of God, I now weight 220 and am healthy again, with the help of Dr. Adeyeri and his staff. Thank you for helping me my get life back. It wasn’t easy, but so worth it. Jamil Jones

Feb 1, 2022
Five years after my gastric bypass surgery, I feel so much better and healthier, which is so important due to my job as a firefighter and supervisor. Thank you to my surgeon, Dr. Ayotunde Adeyeri, for believing in me from day one! Meghan Ryan

Feb 1, 2022
Dr. Adeyeri is a wonderful doctor! He and his staff are very supportive and caring. Every question or concern I had was addressed. I was very nervous as my procedure approached, but Dr. Adeyeri and his team have such a detailed program I knew what to expect and how to handle any issue that could arise. They are a great resource and support system. I am 10 years post-op and look forward to seeing Dr. A for my annual visit ! I highly recommend Dr. Adeyeri! Janice B

Jan 14, 2022
Dr. Adeyeri is a great doctor. Very informative and thorough. He takes time to listen and answer all questions. The ladies in his office, Amanda and Danielle, are very nice and super helpful. My procedure went very well and I was prepared as Dr. Adeyeri has informed me what to expect. I highly recommend Dr. Adeyeri. Nancy Pagan

Dec 16, 2021
Dr. Adeyeri is an awesome human and his staff is top-tier. Had the surgery recently and everything went super well! Down almost 20 pounds! I highly recommend taking this step in your life and getting this surgery done. Anonymous

Dec 13, 2021
I had weight loss surgery with the Awesome Dr. Adeyeri and I’m soooo happy to say that I am officially in a size 8 jeans and medium dress. I have not been this small since before I had my daughter 🙂 Thank you!!! ❤️ You and your team are the best. See you next month, Dr. Adeyeri! Patricia Rute (Via Facebook on Dec. 8, 2021)

Nov 5, 2021
Amazing surgeon and kind staff! Very professional and amicable. Very happy that I chose him because he saved my life! Aileen Delgado

Nov 4, 2021
Dr. Adeyeri is the best doctor that I have ever seen. I wish he could be my primary doctor. Great personality and fantastic staff. Ten years ago he saved my life. If I hadn’t lost 120 pounds, I wouldn’t be here today. Love that man ? Mike Moscaritolo

Oct 11, 2021
It’s been 6 years since my RNY gastric bypass. Here’s what you need to know: Dr Ayotunde Adeyeri helped me get my life back. Sure, I gained a little, but I also lost it again as well! Since I achieved goal weight, I always stay in my weight range, no matter what. But I will always remember how wonderful the Sterling Surgicare staff was to me. Their advice and constant support helped me keep my weight off for the past six years:

• Always take your bariatric vitamins
• Eat your protein first
• No soda
• Keep active
Thank you ! You guys Rock! High Weight: 352 Surgery Day Weight: 267 Current Weight: 135 Carolyn Oehl

Sep 22, 2021
Dr. Adeyeri, It’s been 5 years since I’ve moved to Florida and I miss you and the support group; I never found a group that was just the same. I’ve been doing some experimenting and finally found my have to eat triggers and have limited them from my diet. As of January, I have lost over 60 lbs and am now at a respectable weight between 210 & 215 lbs and and feel better! But it all started with the help of you and your team. I’m approaching a milestone birthday soon and wanted to let you let you know that the journey in my life has been so good with the weight loss from 390 lbs 10 years to where I am now. I’m glad that my experience has been passed down to my daughter who is now rejoicing in the same journey I’ve been on. Again I want to thank you for all your team and your skills to bring me here to where I am today. I’m glad to have had you as part of my life’s journey. Pete VanLeeuwen

Jul 29, 2021

5 Stars doesn’t seem like enough for Dr Adeyeri and his wonderful staff. . My initial consultation with Dr Adeyeri was fantastic. He never rushed me, and in fact took his time explaining the different possible bariatric procedures.. He was warm and congenial and I knew that I was in good hands. Throughout the months before my surgery, I called and emailed both Melissa and Mary Ellen with constant questions and concerns and they were always happy to help. I ended up having the gastric sleeve. Now that I am 4 months out , I can honestly say its the best decision I ever made. Over 50 lbs down , still losing , exercising and feeling fantastic. I highly recommend Dr. Adeyeri. By Sam’s Mom

Jun 8, 2021

Great staff and very knowledgeable!!!!!!! Dr. Adeyeri and staff have an amazing work ethic. They make you feel comfortable, will listen and answer all your questions regardless of how repetitive they are which is very important considering the type of procedure (Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy). They will ensure that you as a patient know that you’re their first priority and that they’re always available every single step of the way to success. MP

Mar 22, 2021

Dr. Adeyeri is one of the most caring, compassionate doctors I have had the pleasure to meet. He was very thorough in explaining the process leading up to the surgery as well as the surgery itself. I would highly recommend Dr. Adeyeri to anyone who may be considering weight loss surgery. His staff goes above and beyond to assist the patients. I dealt with Amy in the office and she was excellent !! They were all very helpful in assisting with all my questions and concerns. My surgery went very well and the whole process was better than expected. Thank you Dr. Adeyeri and your staff! Kevin BiFulco

Jan 5, 2021

“Since having gastric bypass performed by Dr. Adeyeri in August 2019, I’ve lost nearly 150 lbs. I no longer have pre-diabetes, acid reflux, or PCOS symptoms. Thank you for giving me a second chance at living my best life!” Anonymous

Sep 17, 2020

I believe my gastric bypass, which put my diabetes and high blood pressure into remission, and the fact that I stopped smoking 12 years ago saved my life after I was diagnosed with COVID-19 this year. I told Dr. Adeyeri he saved my life a second time. Jay Reid

Sep 17, 2020

My experience with Dr. Adeyeri and staff was exceptional. They are there to assist in every aspect of this journey. I am truly thankful to be getting back my life. I am exercising and walking everyday with no pain, and breathing is so much easier. Thank you Dr Adeyeri and staff for everything!!!! Marykate McDonald

May 20, 2020

My nursing career shredded as much as my weight loss surgery did (LOL) 4 years ago this June… and Dr. Ayotunde Adeyeri is STILL my life savior! Anonymous

Jan 9, 2020

I had VSG in December and I must say I was very very nervous due to all the different stories you hear.

The Sterling staff at the doctor’s office and the hospital were phenomenal.

Dr. Adeyeri was very pleasant and accommodating and he didn’t rush me ever — not one visit.

I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. A and his team.

In my opinion, they are the best! Anonymous

Jan 2, 2020

I would love to do the bariatric gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. Adeyeri, but my insurance doesn’t cover.

But Dr. Adeyeri took care of me for colon cancer. He made me feel comfortable and not scared. His nurses are amazing still after 3 years they remember me.

Love this office and will come back whenever I need something surgically done.

He saved my life.

There are not enough words to day how much I think he is amazing.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dr. A. Kelly with K

Jul 26, 2019

I had a VSG (gastric sleeve bariatric surgery) in August of 2018 preparatory to duodenal switch surgical weight loss in May of 2019.
Dr. Adeyeri and his staff have been excellent with everything ranging from pre-surgery care to post-op follow-up to insurance questions and issues.
My results have been fantastic, which are partially the nature of my physiology and partially I’m sure a product of his excellent work.
I highly recommend Dr. Adeyeri, especially if you have a BMI of 50+ and are looking for someone who has experience with individuals in that area.
I started with a BMI over 72 and have lost 210 pounds since I met with him sixteen months ago. – C Archer

Jul 10, 2019

Dr Adeyeri is the best bariatric doctor and his staff is so friendly and professional.
I strong recommend Dr. Adeyeri ❤❤❤
Signed, Sleeved January 11th, 2018 🙂

Mar 21, 2019

I would recommend Dr. Adeyeri to anyone looking into bariatric surgery.
I had a revision from sleeve to bypass done and couldn’t be happier. His staff is amazing and they have been there every step of the way.
Dr. Adeyeri is a sincere & caring surgeon. There isn’t enough words to explain how thankful I am for him and his staff.

Nov 13, 2018

Had a very enlightening experience while I was getting ready to have my bariatric surgery. The Dr and his staff were very knowledgeable and helped me keep my determination going when I hit brick walls with my insurance. They kept me on the right path so that now it already seems like a habit to me and I’m just one week post-op 🙂
A big thank you to everyone that was involved in my care.  Cindy Ferrador, Jersey Shore

Nov 13, 2018

Not only is Dr. Adeyeri an amazing surgeon, but his office staff is the best.
I’m a week post op, and he and his team made sure I was helped every step of the way. Whether it was going through the approval process, or making sure I was prepared post op, they are amazing. He will always answer all of my many questions, and let me know not to hesitate to call if I have any other questions. I feel so prepared for this journey and I’m so thankful for Dr Adeyeri and his staff for getting me here! Mia in Woodbridge, NJ

Jul 9, 2018

My first visit here was so informational, the Dr. told me everything about the gastric sleeve surgery and the process , he was super nice, friendly and I def highly recommend to anybody interested in the surgery to come here. the staff was so nice and informing on what appointments I had and what the next steps are. Stephani Gonzalez

Jul 9, 2018

I would highly recommend Dr. Adeyeri and his staff they’re very kind and caring they put all my worries to rest They explained the whole procedure to me from the moment I got there till I was going home They made a very hard decision easy to do! Pat Melillo – Sayreville

May 2, 2018

I love Dr. Adeyeri and his staff, I had my surgery back in August of 2015.
I have lost about 89 pounds thus far.
I am off a lot of medications I was on, now as of last week I am off insulin.
I am down from a size 24 to a size 14, and still maintaining weight loss.
Thank you Dr. Adeyeri, thank God for the knowledge and compassion you have to help your patients, see you all soon. Bertha Durant

Apr 10, 2018
Amazing Doctor, amazing staff as well. They changed my life! Anonymous

Jan 30, 2018

“You are going to be in partnership with the bariatric surgeon you choose for a while, so make sure you are comfortable with them.
I drive an hour each way to see Dr. Adeyeri and it’s well worth it.” Anonymous

Jun 27, 2017
Dr. Adeyeri is extremely thorough. All the workers in his office are very helpful and go above and beyond, especially Melissa! When you are there, you are number 1. Thanks to Dr A and Staff! Joseph V

May 31, 2017
Dr. Adeyeri and his staff are incredibly caring. Each and every one of them take the time to listen and thoroughly explain and answer questions. They genuinely care about their patients. I felt their care and support the first time I walked into the office. Dave Fish…

May 30, 2017

I first want to state that if you’re on the fence about obtaining this procedure, please know that it truly is being reborn again. My only regret is that I didn’t get it done years before I did as it has impacted every aspect of my life in such incredible ways of which are impossible to articulate. Living an obese lifestyle doesn’t have to be what you have to deal with any longer. Contact Dr. Adeyeri and change your lifestyle, forever, too!!! If you’re on this site, there’s a reason, and you should 101% not only move forward with that decision, but do so with Dr. Adeyeri and his amazing team. I hope that this helps and wish you the best of luck… Lester —-

May 22, 2017

I first started seeing Dr. Adeyeri in Nov 2016, once I decided the gastric sleeve surgery was right for me. I first attended the bariatric seminar provided by the Institute for weight loss at Raritan Bay Medical Center. I really learned a lot more about bariatric surgery. Being a nurse, I was familiar with it, but there were still things I learned that night. And then I made the appointment for my consult with Dr. Adeyeri. Dr. Adeyeri is very professional with great bedside manner. He is very knowledgeable about everything that has to do with bariatric surgery. He is very open to questions and has the answers. He is friendly, but also stern when it comes to making sure you do what you’re supposed to do. It’s for your own good!
I would highly recommend Dr. Adeyeri to anyone looking for a bariatric surgeon. The bariatric nutritionist, Lori Skurbe, who works with Dr. Adeyeri, is also great. She walks you through your new diet before and after surgery step by step. And the dietician at the Institute for weight loss also makes sure you know what you’re doing and is there to answer any questions. Mark Felter

May 16, 2017

I recommend them very highly. So helpful and knowledgeable. Dr. Adeyeri is the best. He tells you everything and is always there to answer any questions, no matter how silly you might think they are! Friendly and kind staff, all day, every day!
Lillian Ledahl